Solution4 Feet Matrix

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Solution4 Feet Matrix: the new effective hoof packing material with strong disinfection properties and an ability to "knit" into existing healthy horn.

Solution4 Feet Matrix is best used; under the branches of the shoe to pack the white line,
in and around the frog,under sole or frog pads,
and into any defects in the hoof following removal of infected horn.

Solution4 Feet Matrix retains its activity and supporting role to the hoof throughout a normal shoeing interval. Even when used under pads SolutionFeet Matrixabsorbs the "sweat" from the sole and frog and keeps the horn healthy enabling natural exfoliation of horn. The soles and frogs neither become hard and solid with the adverse effects of "locking" the hoof into an abnormal shape nor do they become "waterlogged" leaving a filthy mess beneath the pad.