Ibex Flat Frog Support Pad

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Our pads are manufactured from clear elastomeric polyurethane.

They are ultra tough and can normally be used several times.

The clarity of the material allows you to accurately position the frog support, particularly when dealing with laminitis.

Basically they redistribute the load to the place where evolution provided the horses “natural” shock absorber.... THE FROG.

Supports the bony column via the frog and digital cushion.

Best used in conjunction with P3 support system to prevent ingression of debris and provide total support.

Provides extra grip with the “chevron” style moulded frog support.

Used in conjunction with P3 instead of mesh these pads allow you to retain the grip of the shoe section and keep the overall finished shoeing lighter whilst still providing total support.


Available in:

 Small 4 3/4”

Medium 5 3/4”

Large 6 1/4”

X - Large 7 1/4"