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Hoof & Health Care

Hoof Pick

Why Is Hoof Care so Important?

Hoof care is an extremely important aspect of horse ownership but is also an area that can get overlooked in a busy day-to-day schedule. The old saying 'No foot, No horse’ still holds true today and whilst as an owner you cannot do much mechanically to the hooves, daily care and observation are vital to avoiding potentially serious and life threatening problems. Having a well maintained Hoof not only helps to keep your horse in action and healthy, but can help to make your farriers job easier, more importantly not having to have the vet called out as often.

Routine hoof care for your horse

  • .Apply hoof grease every other day during the summer to help prevent splits and cracks
  • .During Winter Months when its wet and damp, Check hooves daily for any signs of rot or Thrush
  • .Pick out feet every day with a hoof pick
  • .Check shoes for wear and tear and signs that a farrier is needed – such as risen clenches, pinching across the bulbs of the heel, overgrown and misshapen feet
  • .Check unshod horses for splits, cracks, flares and overgrown misshapen hooves
  • .Ensure that the farrier attends shod feet every four to six weeks, and unshod feet every six to ten weeks


We Provide a whole range of products for Hoof Health care, that can be used in your daily routine, or even tackle early signs of possible issues to come. 

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